j9Wine is a female owned South African local wine brand that produces wine of superb quality.j9Wine(Pty)Ltd is also the co-founder of the trend #wineofcolorSA @WineofColorSA

Why Choose Us?

j9Wine mission is to be one of the World - renowned female owned Wine power house.

Insuring a space for woman in the global wine space more so woman of color and to elevate consumer perception of South African Wines in the global community.

j9Wine pride it self in producing wine of superb quality and style aswell as being 100% locally produced.

j9Wine are investing in the future of Woman in South Africa through the creation of their #wineofcolorSA platform where female owned wineries can now connect and collaborate.

 j9Wine will contribute a portion of all online sales towards the fight against Gender Base Violence in South Africa.

j9 Merlot 2018 is my drink of choice this winter.

Caldine Wyngaard
local celebrity

"The J9 Merlot is fruity and bold yet smooth and easy to drink, to be enjoyed all on its own or as a pairing with anything from cheese and fruit to meat"

South African Embassy Seoul
South Korea

About Us

Janine Petersen


j9Wine(Pty)Ltd was founded by Janine Petersen in 2016 who turned her passion for wine into an iconic brand.

After having worked extensively with big names in the wine industry of South Africa, Janine used her experience and ventured into creating the j9Wine range. She sold her car and invested her life savings to get j9Wine of the ground

Janine continued to develop her wine knowledge and is now a female Wine Maker . Sourcing grapes from across the coastal region and Collaborating with some of the best wine makers in South Africa.



101 old Paarl road Muldersvlei Stellenbosch